Is the water safe to drink in

The water is not safe to drink in Flint, USA

There is currently a water contamination crisis in Flint which started in April 2014. The crisis began while switching Flint's water source to the Flint river. The new water supplied from the Flint river had a corrosive effect on the aging pipes. This resulted in dangerous levels of lead to leach from the pipes into the water supply.

After months of complaints by Flint residents, the government admitted that there was a water crisis in October 2016. Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder finally declared a state of emergency on 6 January 2016.

It's estimated that 6,000 to 12,000 children in Flint have elevated levels of lead in their blood. According to Hillary Clinton: “Now, thousands of kids may have been exposed to harmful levels of lead, which can irreparably harm brain development and cause learning and behavioral problems. The rate of lead poisoning among children has nearly doubled since Flint approved a state-appointed emergency manager’s plan to switch their water source.”

For now, all local water in Flint should be treated as contaminated.

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